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‘par excellence

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The Gold Plated Gifts Group Derbyshire are pleased to welcome all visitors to the website of the No. 1 providers of Gold Plating services and Gold Plated Gifts and Presents in the county of Derbyshire.

This group and its members are dedicated to bring the whole of the county the most comprehensive range of gold plated luxury yet affordable gifts and services ever seen before to both members of the public as well as many trade and high street retailer outlets.

Over the coming months this group will grow in its membership.

Serving the General Public:

With future bases across the whole of Northamptonshire the Gold Plated Gifts Group Derbyshire are in the perfect position to service the entire County with the supply of luxury – yet affordable – gold plated gifts and gold plating services. With the ability to have any metal items plated in a a choice of either 24k Gold, White or Rose Gold, Platinum, and Rhodium as well as other alternative finishes such as Chrome, Nickel, and Copper etc, the Gold Plated Gifts Group can promise that you will be totally amazed and delighted with the quality and style of the products and services provided.

As the vast majority of these products and services are not available in the high streets of Britain today, the group can meet the ever growing demand in the 21st century for products that are over and above the standard and range of those offered to the general public – yet still affordable to them when they are given the opportunity to actually see them.

Serving local Retailers:

We also offer a trade service to many high street retailers who also do not have access to certain products that would be appreciated and popular with some of their clients looking to upgrade a ‘standard’ product to a ‘De-Luxe’ version of the same product.

With the option to offer other services such as Chrome plating to the Auto industry,  Silver plating to Antique dealers and re-plating services to Jewelers to offer their own customers the facility to re-plate worn rings or even increase their own range of  jewellery items by having (for example) yellow gold pieces of jewellery re-plated in Rose Gold for a time – and then simply re-plated back into 24k Gold at another date at will!

Below you will see just a few examples of what ‘normal’ everyday items look like when  they are plated in Luxurious 24k Gold here and which poses the question:     


   Welcome the Wonderful World of Gold Plated Gifts

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